Foreign Languages

Gaining knowledge is passé, for us, it’s about showcasing the style in you! Please read through thoroughly understand our endeavor towards your making your Foreign Language Learning a way of new and joyful experiences.
  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. German


French is a major language of international communication. It is the second most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. French is also the second most widely taught language after English, and is taught on every continent


Spanish is commonly spoken in more than 20 countries and is the second most natively spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. Today, many people who learned English as their first language are beginning to appreciate theimportance of learning a second (or third) language.


 German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union (far more than English, Spanish, or French). German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is also a lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe.
We also teach Persian and Arabic languages. Please​​ contact us for more information on these languages. 
Below is a simple breakdown of our courses depicting the Degree, level, stage and purpose for learning these foreign languages. 
Please take a note of:
  1. All the Foreign Language courses are purely result oriented, designed specifically to cover all i.e (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking) modules.
  2. Audio-Visual sessions conducted as a part of each course.
  3. Study material provided by the institute.
  4. 3 hours mock test conducted at the end of each level. 

English Courses


Are you the One who cannot respond without noticeable pauses with limited ability to link sentences frequently are unable to convey basic messages???

Then, the BASIC ENGLISH PROGRAM is right here for you…
For the ones wanting to learn the basics of English Language, We help you Construct proper statements with the use of appropriate Grammar, NOT by making you solve mere Exercises in the classroom but by the Practical training method that we adopt at the PANACHE Institute.

You may be over using certain connectives and repeating a few words quite often in the conversation or you may find the use of complex sentences quite more difficult than others…

  • 15 Fundamental topics of grammar with detailed and Practical Exercises
  • Vocabulary enhancement- Use the right words at right places
  • Improve spell and punctuation errors
  • Practical Speaking sessions for practice
  • Personality Development- Learn the way to carry yourself, confidence building and attitude management.
  • Confidence Building


If you are willing to speak at length but lose coherence at times and if you have occasional repetition, self correction, hesitation or pronunciation issues which reduce your clarity;
If you want to make use of the idiomatic language naturally and accurately;
And if you want to get rid of the characteristics of Native accent-

  • Polish the fundaments of English grammar
  • Trendy words & Phrases
  • Neutralize the accent
  • Public speaking
  • Extempore
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentation Skills
  • Verbal Etiquette
  • Real life spoken Conversation sessions (training and exercises)