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New Zealand


Panache Institute e-learning Programs

Panache Intitute
For, our students who remember and refer us even at places abroad; aiming at fulfilling the ambitions of anyone and everyone from any and every corner of the world, leaving no scope of barriers, we bring you our Virtual Training Services.

Courses/ Packages Available Online:
Foreign Languages
  1. Language Test Prep
  2. Aptitude Exams Prep
  3. Study Abroad Assistance

All just a click away, for, time is more precious than money.

Structure of our online programs

Panache Intitute
1.Language Programs
Modules Covered
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

2. All Examinations (Languages and Aptitude)
  • Orientation (Section wise)
  • Practice on wide range of study material
  • Feedback sessions at the end of each section
  • Performance analysis prepared; worked upon every week

We are here, in your State, City, Country, offering your the best of our training services, at convenience. 

Reach us @ skype userid:PanacheInstitute   or drop your queries to [email protected] and we’ll revert within 24 hours.